Binomial Distribution Calculator

This binomial distribution calculator lets you solve binomial problems like finding out binomial and cumulative probability instantly. You do not have to use tables or lengthy equations for finding binomial distribution. You can do this by simply using this free online calculator. It will give you an estimation of the binomial distribution on the basis of number of events and probability of success.

Binomial Distribution Formula

If you are keen to understand the rationale behind the chart, here’s the formula.


Suppose the probability that a job aspirant will get a job is 0.6. Three candidates are randomly selected. What is the probability that at most two of the candidates will get jobs?

Here’s how we can solve this: We know that -

  1. The number of trials is 3 (n) (since we have 3 candidates).
  2. The number of successes is 2 (X).
  3. The probability of success for any individual candidate is 0.6 (π).

Steps -

  1. Enter the number of events/trails in the first box.
  2. Enter the number of success in the second box.
  3. Enter the probability of success in the third box.
  4. Click on the calculate button.

The calculator will compute the binomial probability instantly. The binomial probability, in this case, is 0.432.

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